a story beyond imagination...
there's always a chance for you to discover...
let it be upon you and me =)

From The Author

No one will cry for you.

It's you, who cry for yourself


Well everyone has their 1st time
mine, exploded in this year@@
the year 2011 seem special, well, for now
many things happen out of my expectation
i guess i don't wanna say it here, some were embaressing =]
hmm still....

i get to watch Justin Bieber movie!!!
although a little sad i cant watch it on cinema, not really
i'm not his fan, or should i say i'm not his crazy fan
yea started to like him, well, nigahiga don't seem to hate him as well!
hahahaha! go for it JB!

Dream high rocks!
good korean drama!
fly high to reach your dream!
i think you should watch it too =]

you know what, we can laugh at someone's dream
because they are mighty!
i have a dream...and not gonna to tell you, hah!
well people, i wont say much, follow your dream!

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