a story beyond imagination...
there's always a chance for you to discover...
let it be upon you and me =)

From The Author

No one will cry for you.

It's you, who cry for yourself


Well everyone has their 1st time
mine, exploded in this year@@
the year 2011 seem special, well, for now
many things happen out of my expectation
i guess i don't wanna say it here, some were embaressing =]
hmm still....

i get to watch Justin Bieber movie!!!
although a little sad i cant watch it on cinema, not really
i'm not his fan, or should i say i'm not his crazy fan
yea started to like him, well, nigahiga don't seem to hate him as well!
hahahaha! go for it JB!

Dream high rocks!
good korean drama!
fly high to reach your dream!
i think you should watch it too =]

you know what, we can laugh at someone's dream
because they are mighty!
i have a dream...and not gonna to tell you, hah!
well people, i wont say much, follow your dream!



already feel the excitement for tommorow easter drama!
looking forward to it!!! haha
although i have already done this bout 2 times but i can still feel the excitement cause i'll think of god every moment i practice!
god loves us, he really did =]

it was a 'okay' so far
my life has been good
keep it up!


i won't blame it on you

like i say, i won't blame you
try not to blame you can be the hardest acheivement...
well i ALREADY get used to it
but forgive me sometimes even superman can't control his emotional
i have nothing to say but to let you know
i have a hard life, like a stone, you throw it onto the floor, it won't break easily, but once you scrub it, it'll definately become smaller, and smaller....
so that's how it happens, my heart become smaller to tolerant towards other, that's mean i'm not broad-minded.......
i wanna to hold it tight, to hold our friendship, to hold the almost-break-line between us
but the scissors will always be there by your side

sad, isn't it?


well it has been a long time since JANUARY
now is APRIL
yes time flies freaking fast
my life's normal but it actually brings lots of fun!=]
well thanks to mah new friends
i enjoy my life, for now
hopefuly there won't be any changes....really

for me last friday was the beginning
yea my prefect buddies P3 had gone
well i mean there won't have any 50TH P3
will miss ya and thanks for your toleration...(i know i'm kinda....)
i enjoy the moment we stuck together =]
maybe you won't believe but i think it is god who made us a team
thanks to god!
and the new one- H2, welcome to mah life hope we can get along well...

well that's all for now


gone mad

i'm lost =(
i don't feel right
i don't feel well
i was fustrated, dissapointing
everthing's gone wrong......
i didn't expect things happen like that, i really don't
i don't care how much i gonna pay for the price
i just want my life back, i just want things go back to straight, things go smoothly

is this fair enough?

i want myself... come back to me


new year

2010 had just gone
i've just enter a new year
i have to CHANGE!
yea, i have to
i had just even cut my hair...

uh...a new me
i know what i'm doing
i don't feel my exsistance anymore =(
i'm standing at the edge of the stage.....


feeling abash!

my school is totally crazy!
i went down to the canteen, they just keep following the japanese
scream here scream there...==
i do not dare to get close to them, very abash!
i won't forget that day ...

anyway, i'm in the middle of a big project
but it's a secret....
you'll know someday...
it's a surprise
and i'm gonna make it!